What is animals.txt?

animals.txt is a web project promoting awareness and appreciation for animals. Do you run a website? Then join in! Create a file animals.txt just as you would create robots.txt or humans.txt and put in a good word for animals.

Why is this important?

The world population is growing. Unspoiled nature is turned into agricultural, industrial, residential and traffic areas. These changes have a strong impact on fauna. The number of wild animals decreases while the number of farm and companion animals increases.

At the same time, more and more attention shifts to the World Wide Web where animals don’t have a voice. Here they need you as their advocate. You can raise awareness for their cause and encourage the well-being of our fellow creatures.

Why a .txt file?

Because they are easy and fast to create. You don’t need to be a programmer or web designer to make one. They don't interfere with any website.

Where is it located?

In the site root: If your website’s address is www.example.com, then upload your animals.txt to www.example.com/animals.txt.

What can I write into?

What you’d like to say about animals: what you appreciate about them; what’s your favorite animal; why you think that species conservation is important; what you do to protect animals; how an animal once helped you or someone you know; what you wish animals; or just thank your animal companion.

See what others write: examples.

What format do I have to use?

None. Write as you like.

Optional advanced tips: start your text with an ISO 639 language code in brackets, if you want to make clear which language you are writing in. For example, use [en] for English or [fr] for French. We also recommend to use the UTF-8 encoding for your text file.

How do I attract attention?

Link to your animals.txt – feel free to use our badges. Post a link to your file at Twitter and mention @animalstxt, if you'd like us to know.

May we choose your animals.txt as an example and inspiration on our website? Then e-mail your file’s address to hello@animalstxt.org or use and submit the text box below:

Can I do anything else?

We’re excited about every animals.txt used to put in a good word for animals. Thanks! Beyond that there are various environmental organizations and local groups who do a good job and always need support.

You can help this project by translating this webpage into another language. Do you have a different idea? Write to: hello@animalstxt.org